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Google Glasses on your Android Phone / Tablet

  • Wednesday, 3 July 2013
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  • A Dream Came True, Run Google Glasses on your Android Phone / Tablet

    Google Glass , a Smart Glass through which we can do almost everything such as shoot photos , videos , get directions , hangout with someone and surf the web with your voice / eyes. You might think that you want to buy / try Google Glasses but it is a bit too costly, so few hours ago , a dream came true,  Now you can run Google Glasses on your Android Smartphone or tablet now. Here is the

    Procedure  :

    Download the APK:





    This one’s been modified so that instead of scanning a barcode, it uses the existing Google Account to setup and then force closes.

    Install just like any other boring APK. None of the Google Glass apps need system privilages. I do not recommend installing these APKs as system APKs, as the Glass apps will attempt to reboot the phone after a force close.

    You can install the following too but it’s not necessary  :
    Hangouts: crashes on Android 4.2 due to a change in the underlying Android code. If you have another version of Android, try
    GlassSound.apk: installs and runs without modification. Get a copy from any XE5 system dump. Not essential for Glass; Glass will just run muted without it.

    GlassPhotosphere.apk: As stated by , runs (for the easter egg) without modification. Again, any dumped copy from a XE5 should run fine. Not essential to Glass.

    This is a Screen shot of Google Glass running on my Galaxy Nexus :

    You can say ” OK Glass ” to show a menu from where you can search on google , take and shoot photos and videos , get directions , etc. The thing I noticed that while searching for directions , you can search but you can’t past the warning screen which say some warning.

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