Saturday, 29 June 2013


Some Awesome Chrome Packaged Apps In Chrome Web Store

  • Saturday, 29 June 2013
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  • Some Awesome Chrome Packaged Apps In Chrome Web Store


    Today I’ll tell you some awesome Chrome Packaged Apps that are available in Chrome Web Store in Developer Channel of Chrome. To experience the new Chrome Packaged Apps you’ll need to download the Chrome Developer Channel build from here than wait for it to install then just click on the Chrome Web Store icon and you’ll see the new Chrome Packaged Apps category.
    Before talking about some awesome Chrome Packaged apps I’ll tell you about what is a Chrome Packaged apps. The Chrome Packaged apps works same as your normal desktop application does (e.g MS Office , Paint ) they are developed from latest web technologies and they work offline and have a nice productivity.
    Some of the awesome Chrome Packaged apps that I found in Chrome Web Store:

    It is a simple text editor for your Chrome and Chrome OS. It is light-weight editor wiht syntax highlighting and sync for Google Drive. I really liked its UI but I did’nt liked that I doesn’t have Auto-completion I hope they add this in future as  still in its preview form but works great. Features I want in this app are find and replace and ability to open many files like in Notepad++.


    Magito is a video editor app for Chrome and Chrome OS. You can edit your videos with some
    nice effects and music just in mins. This app doesn’t have some high-level stuff to edit your videos the app is really simple it will analyze your video and give you the best filter and make your videos beautifull. There are only three steps to make your video nice. It’s really awesome app you should try it.

    Happy Friday!

    This is a game in which you will have to bring back the donuts of the Prim stolen by the grumpy dragon. The game experience is same as Mario but its beautifaul than that all thanks to Box2D Engine and latest Web technologies. It features a rich vector graphics , original soundtrack and more it syncs your progress with your Google Account so you can play on any Chrome device where you left from. I think you should really play this game.

    Google Keep

    I think you all would be knowing about the Google Keep it is a note app that syncs your note and information to all your devices to keep you updated. This Google Keep app lets you creates notes when you’re offline and whatever you create in offline it is saved on the device and get syns to all your devices when net connection returns. You can see the application UI is based on Holo UI. You can create a to-do list with checkboxes , save a photo ,customize notes with colors and much more.


    500px Chrome app showcases some amazing landscapes from around the world, the cutest animals, portraits, nature , and inspiring architecture. You can also share some awesome photos to your social networks within the app too. It will be more nice experience when you make a nice photo to fullscreen by clicking two times and view it really incredible expereince.
    These are some apps that works without lags. I haven’t posted details about the other apps because they were laggy and unstable. I hope you love this post please comment so I can see what you think about the packaged apps. I’m also working on a packaged app called “Next Paint” that will be release to Store in few weeks after testing. 

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