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What is WSUS?

  • Tuesday, 16 July 2013
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  • What is WSUS (Windows Server Update Services)?

    WSUS or Windows Server Update Services is a free patch management tool available to Windows Server administrators. WSUS allows administrators to authorise/publish and distribute updates within a network.

    Why use WSUS within my network?

    It is increasingly important for administrators to keep their networks safe and secure. Instead of each workstation manually connecting to Microsoft Update, testing updates and then deploying updates using traditional methods, administrators can use WSUS to download updates centrally to an internal server. Once updates are authorised in WSUS, they’re also deployed internally and reporting tools keep administrators informed of patch progress. This is a very efficient way of working, allowing administrators full control of which updates are deployed to workstations.

    What are the minimum requirements for WSUS?

    For WSUS 3.0, Windows Server 2003 SP1 or later and Windows Server 2008 are supported. For Windows 2000 Server, you must download WSUS 2.0 SP1. For detailed hardware requirements, please click here

    Where can I download WSUS?
    WSUS 3.0 SP2 or WSUS 2.0 SP1

    What can be patched with WSUS?

    WSUS supports a wide range of operating systems and applications which is constantly updated. However as a reference, Windows 2000 Professional SP3 or later, Microsoft Office XP (2002) or later, Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange Server 2000 or later and Windows Defender are some of the more common platforms supported.

    What Classifications are supported?

    Critical Updates, Definition Updates, Drivers, Feature Packs, Security Updates, Service Packs, Tools, Update Rollups and Updates are available to choose from.

    How do I redirect my workstations to communicate with WSUS?

    WSUS is compatible with Group Policy so you can easily and efficiently direct your workstations to
    your WSUS server and disallow end users access to Windows Update. This gives administrators full control what’s deployed to your network.

    How can I view reports with WSUS?
    You must download and install Microsoft Report Viewer 2005 on the same server you have WSUS installed.

    How are updates downloaded?

    Automatic Updates uses the Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) to download updates. This is a very efficient technology, using idle bandwidth to silently download updates in the background.

    Can I administer WSUS from any computer in my network?

    Yes, however several steps are needed for WSUS 3.0 to work. MMC 3.0 (Microsoft Management Console), .NET Framework 2.0, Report Viewer 2005 and of course the WSUS setup file. During setup, select Administration Console Only when installing WSUS on your workstation.


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