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What is Rooting and is it Good or Bad for Android?

  • Sunday, 21 April 2013
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  • What is Rooting and is it Good or Bad for Android?

    Today  we are going to talk about what is Rooting and is it Good or Bad for Android. So let’s Start..

                   What is Rooting ?  

    Rooting in Simple process which allows the android users to attain privileged control ( within Android System ) on their android smartphones , tablets and other android devices. Rooting , in most of the cases is done so that the particular user can overcome the limitations that a carrier puts on their branded device, for e.g. Verizon’s all devices comes with a pre-locked bootloader and it can be removed by rooting the phone and then unlocking the phone’s bootloader .

    Rooting can also be used to install some apps (which are not compatible with the specific phone) , replace system files , change boot animations , boot sound , etc. With the Help of rooting , one can install a customized / newer version of Android and can remove the old android system through custom recovery (after rooting only). As you all might be knowing that android is based on Linux-Kernel and rooting is same as achieving some administrative rights on a Linux System , for e.g. , Ubuntu.

    Rooting can also be used for advanced and dangerous functions such as overclocking , removing system files , modifying system files , removing carrier bloatware like  my t-mobile , my hotspot , my verizon , etc. Rooting also installs an app , known as Superuser (It is an application which supervises also the applications which require the root access and can be used to grant rooting rights.) A secondary operation, unlocking the device’s Bootloader  verification, is required to remove or replace the installed operating system.

    Rooting android.
    Rooting an Android phone allows one to modify or delete the system files which in turn can allow them to perform various tweaks, and use apps which require root access.

    What is a Simple Process of Rooting ? 
    Now we will talk on what is a process of rooting an android phone. Rooting every Android Phone has its own different ways but one thing common in all the Android Phone is that to exploit a security bug which is installed in all Android Devices. Then , a complicated process of copying the su Binary to the /system/xbin/su PATH is done and results in granting the chmod executable commands.

    Merits and Demerits of rooting an Android Phone : 

    Now , we will talk about Merits and Demerits of rooting an android phone.

    Merits : 
    • Custom Rom –  With the Help of rooting , we can download an install a custom rom which has much more features as compared to the stock android rom. With the Help of Custom Roms , we can perform many more functions , install latest version of android , etc.
    • Overclocking – With the Help of rooting , we can overclock our device. Overclock means to increase the processing speed and clock rate of the device. With Overclocking , we can also make our phone much faster.But Overclocking can also result in sudden heating of device which can stop the device.
    • Backup your device – Backing up your device means to backup all the data and apps. This Feature is missing in Stock Unrooted version of Android. But with rooting , we can use an app such as Titanium Backup for backing up our full android device.
    • Upgrades Baseband - (it controls radio, improve signal & quality of your smartphone)
    • You use custom kernels that can improve performance and increase battery backup
    • Unlock additional features like WiFi and USB tethering
    • You can flash custom android themes on your device.
    • You can flash CWM easily that helps you to flash custom Rom.
    • You can increase ram of your android device by using application like swapper.
    • Increase In-Built Memory.rooting.

    Demerits :
    • It Void the Warranty
    • Your Phone can be bricked . Brick means that your phone’s android rom / image will sort of destroy it thus your phone will not open and it can only go into Download Mode and Custom Recovery. ( However if you have A ROM in custom recovery , you can install a ROM )
    • Security, viruses can enter through many rooted android apps.
    • Source Code, android is open source and anyone can see the source code after rooting and it can be used for malicious purposes
    • There is also the fear of overclocking or underclocking your processor during this process. This may cause the device to overheat and explode even in some extreme cases.
    • Your Rom can get unstable and crashing problem will occur.
    • You cannot update to official update automatically whenever it will release.
    Rooting an android phone is not much in-secure but still it can be little bit dangerous if a person don’t know correctly how to root phone and he may end in many problems. Although , you can unroot the phone whenever you want with a package will removes the su binary and root files from you android device , but do make it stick in your mind that unrooting an android phone does not gain’s you back your phone’s warranty.


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