Saturday, 20 April 2013


Temple Run and Many More Games Finally now Windows Phone Marketplace

  • Saturday, 20 April 2013
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  • Windows Phone 8 users should rejoice now and brag about there new smartphones because the most popular game on Android and iOS , Temple Run has Finally landed on the shores of Windows Marketplace with many more interesting games which are Gravity Guy 2, Chaos Rings, 6th Planet, Propel Man, Orcs Must Survive, Ruzzle and Fling Theory.

    temple-run (1)

    But, there is a sad news for all those Windows Phone 8 users who have less than 512 MB ram. The Temple Run will only run on those Windows Phone 8 devices which have ram more than 512 MB that is 1Gb is minimum for running this Cool Game. It is also sad that Game would not run on Windows Phone 7  and 7.8 Devices even though they have 1GB Ram. Currently, game can only run on HTC 8X , Nokia Lumia 920 and 820.

    Microsoft did added Temple Run on Windows Marketplace but forget WP7 And 512 MB Ram phone users. This means that Microsoft will not be able to compete with Android and iOS Devices because the even the lowest end Android Smartphone and iPhone 3GS Can run Temple Run without having 1 GB of Ram. I Hope that Microsoft Make Temple Run Compatible with WP7 And 512 MB Ram Phones in the Future.


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