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How to set disk quota limits in Windows 7

  • Thursday, 25 August 2011
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  • Disk quota management

    Alternatively referred to as a quota, disk quota management are permissions given by administrators that set limits on the user, workgroups, or other groups of storage space. By setting a quota, this helps prevents a server or share from becoming full of data, but allows users to still be able to save files on a server or share.
    Most users who send and receive e-mail or run their own webpage should be familiar with quotas. For example, often an e-mail server will be setup so a user can only receive so many e-mails or only receive e-mails with small attachments. If they exceed their quota, often the e-mail server will reject any new messages or delete older messages. In addition, if the file attachment is too big to fit into the allocated space, the e-mail will be rejected or deleted.

    Disk quotas can be used to monitor and control hard disk space usage. In Windows 7, this quota management feature is retained.

    1.To begin assigning quotas, right click a drive in explorer then choose the Properties menu.

    2. Now click on quota in properties.( as show in screen short).

    3. Under the Quota tab, click  the button Show Quota Settings.

     4.Check the Enable Quota Management box as well as Deny disk space to users exceeding their quota limit.  Enter the space of the limit and a warning level.  In the example below, I set the space limit to 3GB while the warning level is 2GB.  If you want to have tracking of the users exceeding their limit, check the log event boxes.

      5.Finally, click the OK button to activate the changes.  You will see the traffic light turn to green once the quota is activated.

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