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Import your Bookmark list from one Browser to another

  • Monday, 1 August 2011
  • saurav garg
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  • If you are Internet addicted like me then you must like to read your favorite sites every day. If the list is long then some it become tough to remember url of each sites. So every browser has a bookmark option by which you can easily access the sites from the Bookmark list without typing the url.

    But if you use more than one browser then bookmarking your favorite site url in each of them is so boring. Generally, you use to open those sites from the bookmark list in your older browser and copy the urls from the address bar, then paste in the new browser’s address bar. Oops! Not so productive method! Is there any method to reduce the boredom? Fortunately, the answer is yes.

    Almost every browser has the option to import and export the bookmark list in HTML format. In your browser menu bar, find out the Bookmark export option. Export the Bookmark list in HTML format. Now import that HTML file in each browser where you want to save those. If you are using Firefox then click on Bookmarks menu and select Organize Bookmark.

    In the upcoming window choose the list underAll Bookmarks. You can choose either “Bookmarks Menu” or Bookmarks Toolbar. Now click on Import and Backup option then select Export.

    Chose the location to save the HTML file and click on Save. Now you are ready to import that HTML file in any browser. For instance, I’m describing the import method for Google Chrome browser. Open your Google chrome browser. Expand the setting button from the top right of the browser. Click on Bookmark manager.

    Now select Tools > Import bookmarks...

    After that just locate the exported HTML file and click on “Open”.
    Though the above method was for Google Chrome you can apply it for any other browser.
    Note: By exporting the Bookmark list, you can save it for later use.

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