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How to Enable Right Click on a website

  • Monday, 1 August 2011
  • saurav garg
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  • Now days, many websites and blogs doesn't allow you to right click on their websites. The reason behind this the website owner prevent there contents by blocking the right click. Sometimes this is very annoying as you may need that content for your college project or some other urgent purpose.There are several ways to bypass this. So here i will tell you the very simple trick to enable right click on your web browser, Blocking is done through JavaScript and if you disable your java script in Code in your browser then your right click cannot be blocked. Here are the steps to enable it on most popular web browser...

    If you are Using Internet Explorer Browser
    1. Goto Tools>Internet options>Security
    2. Now Click on Custom Level
    3. Now find Scripting Section it will be around the end.
    4. Now disable Active Scripting.This will disable JavaScript and vbscript in your browser.
    5. Click on OK.
    6. Now restart your browser
    If you are Using Mozilla Firefox Browser
    1. Goto Tools>Options>Content
    2. Uncheck the box Enable JavaScript
    3. Click Ok
    4. Open the website that have blocked your right click.
    If you are Using Google Chrome Browser
    1. Click on the Wrench Icon on the top right side on your browser.
    2. Click on Options
    3. Now goto Under the Hood tab
    4. Click on Content Setings and then on JavaScript
    5. Disable java script and open the website.
    If you are using any other browser and want to enable right click on that then please do comment along with the browser name that you are using. I will provide the settings for that browser to you.

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