Friday, 10 May 2013


Android Malware detected in Google Play Apps

  • Friday, 10 May 2013
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  • Android Malware detected in Google Play Apps

    Hackers have always tried to find weak points and spaces to exploit users. They were pretty successful with windows, while Viruses for OSX came up a bit slowly.
    Android is an awesome OS which gained recognition at rapid rate, it’s obvious for hackers to now target Android users. Now with loads of hackers targeting Android users, it’s time to get geared up with – What to download, and what not to.
    Sources say that number of android devices infected with malwares have tripled since 2011. It’s time to take action!
    There was a malware, which was found to be spread in 32 apps in Playstore. All the infected apps and accounts were suspended for investigation purposes, well that was a good and pretty fast step. According to Google, it has been downloaded  by millions of users and has infected them, the ones who know about the malware might have uninstalled or taken precautionary measures later; but there are many users which don’t know anything about a malware being spread!  It belongs to malware family named ‘Bad News’.

    The malware works somehow works like this :-
    It shows you advertisements, which when tapped, might give the ability to download and install applications, steal personal information such as your phone number etc.
    Some of the apps which were infected previously can be seen in the photograph below -
    Malware Android

    PRECAUTIONARY MEASURE – Un-check ‘Unknown sources option in settings for preventing apps to install infected apps. It is also recommended to download a mobile security app/ a good antivirus from playstore, even a trial version would work!

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    28 June 2013 at 21:34

    Hello Franklin,

    It's not fare with us!! Malware is must be prevented.I hate the people who do this work with a bad mind!

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