Thursday, 31 January 2013


Hack a Yahoo Account While Chatting

  • Thursday, 31 January 2013
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  • Hack a Yahoo Account While Chatting

    This is only for education purpose.  So try this at your own risk. I am not sure that this will work 100 %. But yes will work almost 70 percent of the times. But before that you need to know some few things of yahoo chat protocol, Following are the features: -

    1) When we chat on yahoo every thing goes through the server. Only when we chat thats messages.

    2) When we send files yahoo has 2 options.
    a) Either it uplo— the file and then the other client has to down load it.
    b) Either it connects to the client directly and gets the files.

    3) When we use video or audio, It either goes through the server or it has client to client connection and when we have client to client connection the opponents IP is revealed, on the 5051 port. So how do we exploit the Chat user when he gets a direct connection. And how do we go about it. Remeber i am here to hack a system with out using a TOOL only by simple net commands and yahoo chat techniques. Thats what makes a difference between a real hacker and newbies. Its impossible to get a Attackers IP address when you only chat. There are 50% chances of getting a IP address when you send files. Again 50 % chances of getting IP when you use video or audio. So why to wait lets exploit those 50% chances. I will explain only for files here which lies same for Video or audio.

    1) Go to Run[win+R], type--> CMD in it. Then in command prompt type ->netstat -n 3

    You will get the following output. Just do not care and be cool Active Connections

    Just i will explain what the output is in general. In left hand side(Local Address) is your IP address. And in right hand side is the IP address of the foreign machine and the port to which is connected.

    2) Try sending a file to the Target. If the files comes from server. Thats the file is uploaded leave it. You will not get the IP. But if a direct connection is established HMMMM then the first attacker first phase is over. This is the output in your netstat. The 5101 number port is where the Attacker is connected.Active Connections

    Thats what is highlighted in RED. So what next3) Hmmm Ok so make a DOS attack nowGo to dos prompt andJust donbtstat -A Attackers IPaddress.Can happen that if system is not protected then you can see the whole network.C:\>nbtstat -A
    Local Area Connection:Node IpAddress: [] Scope Id: []
    NetBIOS Remote Machine Name Table
    Name Type Status———————————————EDP12 UNIQUE RegisteredSHIV GROUP RegisteredSHIV UNIQUE RegisteredSHIVCOMP1 GROUP Registered
    MAC Address = 00-C0-W0-D5-EF-9A
    Ok so you will ask now what next.No you find what you can do with this network than me explaining everything.
    So the conclusion is never exchange files , video or audio till you know that the user with whom you are chatting is not going to harm you

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