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How to Install and Configure your Wireless Router or Access Points

  • Monday, 3 September 2012
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  • How to Install and Configure your Wireless Router or Access Points

    On the following pages, you will learn how to configure a wireless router or access point. This includes:
    i.  How to set the SSID
    ii. Enable security
    iii. Configure the channel
    iv.  Adjust the power settings of a wireless access point.
    We will also look at how to back up and restore your configuration settings on a wireless access point.
    Most access points have been designed to function with the default or factory settings. It is recommended to change the default configurations.
    After confirming your wired network connectivity, and the access point installed, you will now configure it.
    In the following examples we will be using the Linksys WRT300N multifunction device, it also an access point.
    Use these steps for configuring the Linksys WRT300N and most linksys wireless access points:
    Make your PC is connected to the access point via a wired connection, and access the web utility with a web browser. To access the web-based utility of the access point, launch Internet Explorer, and enter the WRT300N default IP address,, in the address field.
     Press the Enter key.
    1.      A screen display prompting you for your username and password. Leave the Username field blank.
    2. Enter admin in the Password field (default settings for a Linksys WRT300N). If the device has already been configured, the username and password may have been changed.
    3.      Click OK to continue.
    For a basic network setup, we will be learning how to use the following screens
    Setup, Management, and Wireless buttons:

    i.  Setup – on this screen you will enter your basic network settings (IP address).
    ii. Management –start by clicking the Administration tab and then select the Management screen. The default password is admin. To secure the access point, change the password from its default.
    iii.  Wireless – This is where you make changes of the default SSID. Select the level of security in the Wireless Security tab and complete the options for the selected security mode.
    Install and Configure Linksys 3000 N
    When you have finished making changes to a screen, click the Save Settings button, or click the Cancel Changes button to undo your changes. For information on a tab, click Help. We will go through these steps one after the other.

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