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How to Filtering Access by MAC Address

  • Monday, 3 September 2012
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  • Filtering Access by MAC Address

    Wireless routers like the Linksys by Cisco wireless range can be used not only for routing traffic between networks and computer in your home or office;it can also be used as a Firewall. As you must know; every network device is identified by a physical address also known as MAC address. You can use your wireless router to filter or control access to the internet or programs by listing and preventing the MAC addresses of devices connected to the wireless router.
    To filter MAC addresses, follow this step:
    Filtering Access by MAC Address 
    1. Click the Wireless tab
    2. Click Wireless MAC Address filter
    3. Click Enable
    4. Click Permit Only PCs listed to access the wireless network
    5. Click wireless Client or Edit MAC Filter List
    When MAC address filter list window appears,enter the address of each network adapter in your home or office you want to prevent from accessing the network
    Click SaveSetting at the bottom of the window.

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