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How to Protect Yahoo Account from Hackers

  • Wednesday, 8 August 2012
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  • 2 Step verification or Second Sign-In verification is an addtional layer of security that protects your account even if your password gets hacked.This feature  is already available for facebook and Gmail accounts .Yahoo has also launched Second Sign-In verification for accounts of selected countries (U.S, Canadian, Indian, Philippines).It is expected to be rolled out for all users by March 2012.
    If you enable Second Sign-in verification you have to enter a verification code (sent on your mobile) or Security answer after entering your password.This addtional step is required only if your login from a new computer or mobile.

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    How to Protect Yahoo Account from Hackers:

    • Login in to your Yahoo Account.
    • Now open your Account Information.
    • In the Sign-In and Security section look for the Second Sign-In Verification and click on it.
    • Check the box to turn on the Second Sign-In Verification feature
    • Now a pop-up window will open, in this give your mobile number on which you want to receive verification codes and click on Receive SMS.

    • You will receive Confirmation Code on your mobile, enter this code and click on Verify button.
    After completion of verification process whenever you will login from a new computer ( like cybercafe) you will receive a confirmation code on your mobile and without it your account cannot be accessed.

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