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Difference between ipv4 and ipv6

  • Tuesday, 14 August 2012
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  •                              IPV4
    1. it is 32 bit address .
    It is 128 bit address
    2.it is in decimal format
    It is in hexadecimal format
    3.In ipv4 there are 4.3 billion addresses out of which only 250 million addresses are used
    Ipv6 give us lots of address 3.4 *1038
    4.ipv4 uses broadcast addresses, causing a bunch of problem like uncontrolled deluge of forwarded broadcast traffic that bring a entire network to its knees and devour every last bit of bandwidth. Other nasty thing about broadcast is that it interrupts each and every device in the network
    There is no such thing as  a broadcast in ipv6 because it uses multicast traffic instead of broadcast.
    5.there is no anycast address in a ipv4
    It have Anycast address.Anycast communication allow the same address to be placed on more than one devices so that when the traffic is to be sent to one device addressed in this way,it is routed to the nearest host that share the same address.
    6.it have address types like unicast,multicast and broadcast addresses.
    In ipv6 there are unicat,Global unicat like public address in ipv4,Link-local address or Site-local address like private address IN ipv4,multicat and Anycast addres
    7.In ipv4 icmp packet is used for many things such as error message like destination unreachable, and troubleshooting function like ping and traceroute.
    In ipv6,Icmpv6 still does same thing but it add another cool feature-it prevent ipv6 for doing fragmentation through an Icmpv6 process called path MTU discovery.
    8.in ipv4 icmp find the address of other devices on local link with the help of address resolution protocol(ARP).
    In Ipv6 Neighbour discovery protocol in icmpv6 are used for same task.
    9.in ipv4,the protocol IGMP was used to allow a host device to tell its local router that it was joining a multicat group and would like to receive the traffic for that group.
    This IGMP function has been replaced by ICMPV6,and process has been renamed multicast listener discovery.
    10.Routing protocol like IGP protocol like (RIP,IGRP,EIGRP AND OSPFV2) are used
    In ipv6 Routing protocol like IGP(RIPng,EIGRPv6 and OSPFV3)are used .RIPng are the same as they were with RIPv2,but it now use 521 UDP port no or RIPV2 use 520 UDP port no.
    11.IN OSPFV2 that is used in ipv4,the router ID (RID) IS determined by the highest IP address assigned to the router
    IN OSPFV3 router ID are assigned manually.

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