Saturday, 19 May 2012


Simple Way to Enable or Disable Comments in Google+

  • Saturday, 19 May 2012
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  • Network of Google+ is increasing rapidly now days. If you do not join this yet please click here. As we already know at this time it is the big rival of facebook. This is social networking site so you will share your thoughts, photos, videos etc. and people will also do comment on this. But what happen when somebody do a vulgar and unbearable comments on them ?? You get angry from that person and even can a fight. So don't let this happen by this trick you can stop people to comment on your posts, videos, photos. Cool.. Just follow the simple steps:-

    1). If you are member of Google Plus then Click Here to login in to your account.

    2). Do the post that you want to share with your friends and to make this post uncommentable click on the triangle button and Select the Disable Comment option.

    3). After this you will see there will no comment option i.e. nobody will be able to do comment on your post.

    njoy !!!
    For more tricks on Google+ Click Here.

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