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Convert Windows Vista into Windows 7 without any Customization Pack

  • Friday, 20 January 2012
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  • Windows 7 provides lots of new features along with a newly designed interface. It looks very similar to Windows Vista but there are many GUI changes like in taskbar, Explorer, new boot screen and login screen etc. If you are still using Windows Vista but want to upgrade the new Windows 7 look, then this tutorial will definitely help you. After following this tutorial, you'll get the same Windows 7 look in your Windows Vista. Following is a list of things which are going to be changed after following this tutorial:
    • Windows Theme or Visual Style
    • Boot Screen
    • Login Screen or Welcome Screen
    • Taskbar
    • Wallpaper
    • About Windows Box
    • Extras like "Aero Shake", "Aero Snap", "Aero Peek", "Calculator" and "Paint"
    • A Few Other Mods...
    NOTE 1: Please create a Restore point using "System Restore" before applying anything mentioned in this tutorial so that you can restore your system back to default if you don't like the changes. Also take a backup of system files before modifying them, so that you can restore them if anything goes wrong or you don't like the new change.
    NOTE 2: If you are getting error "Can't create file...", that means you have edited and saved the same file in past and there is a backup file which needs to be deleted before saving this file again. Go to the folder containing this file and you'll see a similar file having "_original" in its name. Delete it and try to save the file in resource hacker.

    So here we start our transformation tour:
    1. Windows Theme or Visual Style:

    Windows 7 provides a new refreshing look which includes redesigned taskbar and start menu, Windows Explorer and a few other small changes. You can get the same look by using an excellent theme created by our friend "DJ Gx".

    2. Boot Screen:

    Windows 7 contains a new animated boot screen which shows animated items/balls that come together to form Windows logo. You can get a similar boot screen in Windows Vista:

    3. Login Screen or Welcome Screen:

    Windows 7 login screen looks similar to Vista login screen except the new background image and the text displayed at bottom.

    4. Taskbar:

    Windows 7 taskbar has been highly redesigned. It doesn't show opened program's name in their taskbar buttons, instead it only shows their icons. Also the taskbar buttons are a bit large in their size.


    You can get the same behavior in Vista by using following tutorial:

    Or you can use following small utility which can do the task automatically:

    To increase the taskbar buttons size:

    You can also use following tool to get Windows 7 look-like Superbar in Vista:

    Windows 7 taskbar also allows you to move taskbar buttons to change their positions, you can get the same feature in Windows Vista by using "Taskbar Shuffle" utility:

    And if you want to get the small "Show Desktop" rectangle at the end of Taskbar just like Windows 7, please visit following topic:

    5. Wallpaper:

    You can get Window 7 Desktop wallpaper using following link:

    Download Wallpaper (via TheVista.Ru)
    6. About Windows Box:

    You'll need to change the top logo in the About Windows dialog box so that it can look like Windows 7:

    Download the required BITMAP files from here:

    Now go to "%windir%\Branding\Basebrd\" folder and look for a file "basebrd.dll".

    Once you find the file, take its ownership using following tutorial:

    Now open this "basebrd.dll" file in Resource Hacker and then replace following BITMAPs with the downloaded BMP files:

    Bitmap -> 100 -> 1033 (replace with About_Windows.bmp)
    Bitmap -> 101 -> 1033
    (replace with About_Windows.bmp)

    Bitmap -> 110 -> 1033 (replace with About_Windows_Separator.bmp)
    Bitmap -> 111 -> 1033
    (replace with About_Windows_Separator.bmp)

    Save the file and you have done.
    7. A Few Extras:

    Windows 7 provides 3 new features which are called "Aero Shake", "Aero Snap" and "Aero Peek".

    "Aero Shake" is quite useful. Suppose you have more than one windows opened and you want to minimize all other windows except the window which you are working on, then you have to simply shake the current window with your mouse and all other windows will be minimized automatically. Shake it again and all minimized windows will be maximized again.

    Using "Aero Snap", you can minimize, maximize, resize windows by just dragging-dropping them to the screen corners.

    "Aero Peek" has replaced the old "Show Desktop" button. It can be found as a small rectangle present at the end of Windows 7 taskbar. When you hover the mouse cursor over it, it allows you to peek behind all open windows by hiding all windows and showing only outlines of all windows.

    There are several 3rd party software available to provide these features in Windows Vista. You can find them at following link:

    Windows 7 also contains a new redesigned Calculator which has new GUI and new options.

    You can get the same calculator in Windows Vista using following link:

    Windows 7 contains re-designed "MSPaint" program which provides Ribbons interface. You can get a similar MSPaint program in Windows Vista:

    8. A Few Other Mods:

    1. Windows 7 shows two extra options in Desktop context menu ( i.e. when you right-click on Desktop).

    • Screen resolution
    • Gadgets

    "Screen resolution" shows the graphics card settings page where you can change the monitor and resolution settings.

    "Gadgets" opens the Add gadgets window so that you can add new gadgets to your sidebar.

    You can get both these options in Vista desktop context menu:

    2. One of new redesigned features in Windows 7 is new "Window Color and Appearance" tab in Desktop Properties. When you right-click on Desktop and select "Personalize" and then go to "Window Color and Appearance" tab.

    You can get the same Windows 7 "Window Color and Appearance" tab in Vista using following tutorial:

    That's all for now. After following all the above mentioned steps, you'll get Windows 7 look-n-feel in Windows Vista.

    NOTE: If you have any problem with Resource Hacker and want to know about it, then please go through following tutorials: 
    All About Resource Hacker in a Brief Tutorial

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