Friday, 2 December 2011


Install win7 using win7

  • Friday, 2 December 2011
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  • Today we are going to install windows 7 using our normal pen drive in this trick we do not need to download nay third party software or tool all we need to have just WINDOWS7 operating system or vista as our host OS. So here start

    Open up the cmd  make sure run It as administrator

    Now you have cmd on your screen just plug in the pen drive in USB port

    After that type in 


    diskpart is the utility which is inbuilt in win7 and vista
    not you have a new windows pop up of diskpart utility
    now type in :-

    diskpart>list disk

    it will show you connected disk like hdd or pen drives all

    diskpart>select disk  2     (here 2= number of the disk(pen drive))

    here you need to choose your pen drive disk number it can be any thing like 0,1,2 etc chose wisely other wise you will loose you all hdd data if you choose wrong disk.


    This is will clean the pen drive

    Diskpart>create partition primary

    Here we make a partition in pen drive which is primary 

    Diskpart>select partition 1

    Now we select the partition 1

    Diskpart> active

    This will make active the current partition

    Diskaprt> format   fs=ntfs

    Now here we gonna format the volume it may take time cuz we didn’t use quick option so it may take some time depend on your pen drive size.

    Make sure you pen drive is big enough to make bootable to install win7.
    After complete the format we issue this command

    Diskaprt> assign

    This will assign the drive letter to the drive
    Not type 


    Ok now exit from disk part tool now you need to go to the folder where win7 iso is saved you must need to mount it using any software like ultra iso etc.

    Than open cmd once again and go to that mount point where you mount win7 iso file than type this
    My virtual mount point is drive d:

    So I type this 

    cmd> d: cd boot

    D:\>cd  boot

    D:\>bootsect.exe   /nt60   g:

    Here we are going to make our pen drive bootable using bootsect.exe tool already in win7 iso

    Which will update the BOOTMGR in the drive or volume of the drive so that it can boot
    Here g: is the drive letter assign by the disk part tool (our pen drive )
    After this, boot code will be updated with BOOTMGR  in pen drive volumes
    Now u need to copy the all files and folder of the win7 OS to the pen drive and than
    Make sure to change the boot option from BIOS so that computer can boot from pen drive
    And then you can easily install windows 7 from pen drive .
    You can also install  vista in same way.

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