Sunday, 4 December 2011


Another Facebook Worm

  • Sunday, 4 December 2011
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  • Recently, we read about the large scale phishing attack that broke out on Facebook and took over 2 lakh user accounts. The buzz didn't even finish completely, when a new worm attack is being reported.

    A danish security company CSIS, reported that it has discovered a new worm spreading through Facebook. The worm works just like the others, sends malicious links to friends and acquaintances, and as they follow the link, it infects their machine too. The worm actually takes the user to a screensaver download page. What appears to be a JPG image, is actually an EXE file, that contains malware that are downloaded onto your machine.


    It includes the Zeus bot, which is a trojan spyware that is capable of stealing critical information from the user's machine. The malware has captured a large number of domains, which are used for its download, as well as collecting data from the infected machines.

    Most of the antivirus have already released an update with the signature of this malware. But still, if you see such type of link, report it as a spam to Facebook.

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