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Search by Images in Google

  • Tuesday, 9 August 2011
  • saurav garg
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  • You all must be download from Google by typing the text in the search box everyday and you all must be happy with that. But what happen if i tell you you can also search in google by an image... Strange..??? It's true and here is the solution to do this. 

    Open Google images just by clicking here and you will see a camera icon along with the search box in the google. See the screenshot below:-

     Here are the four methods to search in google by images. I will tell you each way.

    1) By Using Drag and Drop:-
    In this method you can search by dragging an images from your computer or from any website in the search box. It will show all the related images according to your image that you have dragged in the search box.

    2) By Uploading an Image:-

    By this method you can upload one or more images to search in google. You have to do only click on the camera icon that shown in the above screenshot and select the upload an image option and browse the image that you want to use in search.
    3) From a URL:-

    By this method you can search images only by giving the URL of the  image and it will show all the related images and articles according to your URL image. Click on the camera icon and select Paste Image URL option and give the URL of the image.
    4) By your Browser Extensions:-

    By this method you can search by images at faster rate. Only you have to install the extension for your browser.

    After installation these extension you have to only right click on the image and select Search By Image.  
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