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How To Install Windows Xp,Vista And 7 From Usb

  • Wednesday, 24 August 2011
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  • You can install any version of windows like windows xp,vista,7,2003,2008 using usb drive.
    This tutorial doesnot uses the command prompt method for installing windows from usb instead I will give you a new and a simpler method to install the windows from the usb drive.

    For this tutorial we will require the following things. 
    • Windows Dvd or ISO image
    • Optical drive emulation software( like demon tools)
    • Wintoflash software
    • USB drive (minimum 4 gb)     
    How To Install Windows Xp,Vista And 7 From Usb.....

    1.Download and Install Demon tools.Click here to download
    (Note:Skip this step if you already have any other optical drive emulation software or Windows Dvd)

    2.Mount the windows ISO Image using demon tools.

    3.Now Download  Wintoflash Software.Click here to download .

    4.Extract Wintoflash rar folder and click on Wintoflash.exe.This software doesnot require installation.

    5.Now click on Advanced Mode Tab in the Wintoflash window.

    6.It will give you various options.Select the one that you want to perform.

    7.Now it will ask you for the path of your windows.Give the address of the mounted windows drive or the dvd drive(if you have windows dvd) and also give the path of the usb drive .

    8.Click on Run.

    9.It will warn you that you usb will be formatted continue with it and it will convert your usb into bootable windows usb drive.

    10.Restart your computer and change the boot order in your BIOS .

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