Monday, 15 August 2011


How to create a username in Facebook

  • Monday, 15 August 2011
  • saurav garg
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  • You must have seen a in the URL of anyone's Facebook Profile which is like What are these x's ?? These are nothing but a username of that person like Here hackingandtips is the username of our Facebook Fan page.

    How to have a Username:-

    Here are the simple instructions to get the username of your facebook profile:-

    1). Login o your Facebook Account.

    2). Click on the Account Tab and then select Account Settings.

    3). Now in the Account Setting window look for the Username and click on the Edit button.

    4).  Now set your desired username and click on save changes. Remember you can set this username only once. So do it carefully.

    5). Now you had set your username to check this go to your Profile. It will like
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